One-on-one CFO insights for the creative industry.

We help creative leaders make smart financial decisions.

Aardvark is a digitally-native studio with deep roots in finance and operations.

Fractional CFO

One-on-one financial strategy specific to your business—without the need to hire a full-time CFO.

• Financial Planning & Analysis
• Budgeting & Forecasting
• Cash Flow Strategy
• Financial Reporting
• Risk Management
• Financial Modeling
• Cost Management
• Pricing Strategy & Analysis

Typical spend: $1,000 – $6,500

Premium Accounting

Full-suite accounting that provides industry-specific insights to inform your operational strategy.

• Accounts Payable/Receivable
• Job Costing
• Cash Management
• Personal & Business Tax Filing
• Weekly Bookkeeping Entries
• Payroll Administration
• Quarterly Financial Statements
• Production Process Payments

Typical spend: $1,000 – $3,500


Our powerful composition of Fractional CFO and Premium Accounting allows for the ultimate creative focus in your business. 

With Aardvark’s in-house accounting, our financial team is best equipped to deliver the most accurate insights and operational strategy.

All-in-one seamless experience.

Discount up to 20%, based on engagement.

Aardvark infuses creative operations with financial strategy.

Why studios choose Aardvark.

We’re financial storytellers.

Your financials tell a powerful story. We illustrate it in a way you can actually understand. (Don't have financials? We've got you.)

We design a studio-specific strategy.

Your financial narrative reveals your operational opportunities. Together, we create a path to realize your ambitions.

We cultivate worth.

You focus on producing award-winning work. We focus on building the value of your business.

All-in-one studio built for ambitious owners.


Captures and categorizes every detail of your company’s transactions.

Tax Preparation

Quarterly tax filing and annual tax returns— so you and your company don’t get stuck.

Custom Dashboards

A financial snapshot of your business to maximize key operational levers.

Key Performance Indicators

Strategic financial insights specific to your business.


Hands-on support in building and adjusting your company budgets.

Cashflow Management

Cash flow forecasts to stay focused on the item that can trip you up most.

Tax Strategy

CPA insights to help you make strategic decisions and save money.


Support your payroll management via Gusto and weekly bill pay.

Relationships based on trust and understanding.

"Aardvark shaped its advice to the realities of our company, industry, and leadership style. Our investment has paid for itself many times over."

Spencer Kehe


“Aardvark helped us navigate our growth roadblocks. We're closing our year stronger than ever and are more prepared for next year.”

Graham Veysey

North Water Partners

Let’s build the value of your business.

We’ve helped companies around the world find financial balance.

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